Say good bye to the entire anti mosquito products including smoky coils, foul smelling sprays, unpleasant repellent and dirty mats. All these products produce lot of side effects rather than killing the mosquitoes. “PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE”, buy our best quality Mosquito nets and protect the health of your loving ones. We are the best and leading dealer for Mosquito Net in Chennai since 2009!

Mosquito Net Chennai

We have designed an exclusive and distinctive mosquito net to defend you and your family members from mosquito borne illness and risky side effects caused by anti mosquito products available in market.

Features and Benefits of our Mosquito Net:

  • Easy to use procedure
  • No more tying or fixing required
  • Portable – Can be used both on bed and cot
  • Compact – Fold it after use – Less storage space
  • Offered in different sizes – Single bed, Double/Queen size bed, King size bed
  • Customizable
  • Washable
  • Good aeration/Air circulation inside the mosquito net
  • Both adults and kids can sit relaxed and comfortably inside the mosquito net
  • Essential product for expectant mothers, newborn, infants and the mother

Our Mosquito nets are tough, eminent, high quality and effective mosquito barriers.

Mosquito Net Price in Chennai:

Rs 1850 – Single Bed
Rs 2050 – Double Bed (Queen Size)
Rs 2150 – Double Bed (King Size)
Rs 2500 – Queen Size Mosquito net with Anti bite Cloth.
Rs 2500 – King Size Mosquito net with Anti bite Cloth.

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89393 87749 or Fill up the Enquiry Form

Why Mosquito Net? 
Mosquitoes are the root cause for most of the viral ailments caused today. Most of the Malaria carrying mosquitoes are very dynamic and are active during night. So protecting your family’s health from these pests has become more and more significant nowadays. The only way to make sure that you stay completely away from mosquito bites is by using a good mosquito net.

Using Mosquito nets not only put a stop to Mosquito bites but also ensures to safeguard you from allergies and rashes caused by mosquito bites. If you are residing in mosquito prone locality like Chennai or possibly planning to travel to one such locality then it is always advised to carry a mosquito net in hand. Mosquito net in Chennai not only protects you against this bloodsucking pest, but also ensures to keep you safe from other insects and flies.

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