Mosquito Net for Bed

Netsbazaar stocks the best in quality mosquito net for bed in Chennai. You will definitely find the mosquito net to be useful and handy whether you are planning for an outdoor trip or simply want to relax and enjoy sleeping at your bed room with windows open. Bed Canopies are the best solution for a wonderful night sleep without mosquito or insect bites.

Canopy mosquito net is made using contemporary netting methods, that doesn’t demand tying, attaching to walls or even fixing it employing rod or string. All you have to carry out is simply strap the Canopy mosquito net along with the bed mattress. Stretchable elastic band is made available along with the Mosquito net so you need not certainly worry about fixing the net to the bed.These elegant mosquito nets are foldable and weigh just about 3 kilos.On folding it shrinks into a 60cm diameter and a 5cm thickness flat circle.

NO BITES ANYMORE – 100% value for the money your offer. These mosquito nets more than protecting you and loved from mosquito and insect bites, it also adds a touch of elegance to your bedroom.

Mosquito Net for Bed in Chennai

Mosquito Net for Bed in Chennai

Product Features:
• Very easy initial setup, absolutely no fixing or tying needed
• Functional on both bed and floor/ground
• Fabric – 100% Terylene
• Good aeration inside the mosquito net
• Body frame made of thin steel, extremely versatile
• Entry and exit using 2 doors on either side of the mosquito net using 2 way zip.
• Light weighted , Convenient to carry and flat foldable
• Bed net can be folded flat in three simple procedure.
• Mosquito net canopies are easily washable.
• Obtainable in two distinct shades Pink and blue (With respect to the availability).
• For sale in almost all bed sizes (Single bed, Queen and King Size bed)
• Traditional Bell shaped
• Full Bed coverage – with soft knitted mesh
• Non toxic and skin irritation – 100% chemical free
• Free Mosquito Net Wrapper

Prices of this mosquito net will definitely fix within your budget:
• Rs 1850 – Single Bed
• Rs 2050 – Double Bed – Queen size
• Rs 2150 – Double bed – King size

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